Professional track

In the professional track, professionals from industry and government exchange experiences on infrastructure development for eco-cities. At this conference, three different professional tracks will be held alongside the academic tracks. We briefly describe them below.
We distinguish  such as best practices and work during the conferences on cases. Interaction with the academic panels will be part of the program as well as additional workshops.
Some highlights: Play the City Game with prof. Portugali; Join the hands on demonstrations of Urban Strategy (TNO) or SprintCity (Assoc. Deltametropolis); Enjoy the professional presentations of various serious gaming projects by Txchange; Or try out a demo of Tygron’s ‘Watergame’.

P1: Special session on designing future Pingdi (Longgang district, Shenzhen)

Organisers: Martin de Jong (Delft University of Technology), Chen Yusen (TNO) and Jiangbo Bie (Longgang)

Pingdi is one of the few remaining areas within the City of Shenzhen open to new urban and industrial development.  It is currently home to about 160,000 inhabitants mostly engaged in low value-added manufacturing, but it is bound to grow into a classy eco-city the coming years with a more densely populated high tech research centers and companies. The intention is to give its energy, transport and ICT infrastructures a massive upgrade in the next ten years to make this promise come true, but how can this be achieved? This session will be dedicated to designing the New Pingdi based on the insights of involved and external experts and advanced modeling and design techniques. In the first round, general design ideas will be generated, while in the second round the simulation program Urban Strategy will be used to show and evaluate the consequences if chosen measures are taken.

P2: ‘Hands on’ session: demonstration of gaming-simulation tools for infrastructure development and urban planning

Organizers: Qiqi Zhou (Delft University of Technology), Ivo Wenzler (Accenture), Igor Mayer (Delft University of Technology) and Merten Nefs (Vereniging Deltametropool)

Hands on demonstrations by: Prof. dr. Yuval Portugali (Tel Aviv University) Txchange (Thales, Twente University), TNO, Association Delta Metropolis, Tygron Serious Gaming.

Serious gaming simulation (G&S) is becoming an important instrument for planning and public policy making in the area of infrastructure and eco-city development. Innovative G&S techniques can show the physical consequences of stakeholder policies, on a table-top display or in 3-D on a computer screen. In this hands-on session, some professional and commercial developers will demonstrate some of their projects, games and approaches. We especially hope to be interactive and explore the opportunities for future collaboration and joint projects.


  • Warren Wang, Accenture

Mr. Warren Wang  is a senior manager in Accenture China strategy practice. He has rich work experiences in strategy consultation and has provided corporate strategy and growth strategy to multiple major domestic and multinational clients, with industry focus on city, industry park, infrastructure and transportation. His most current work is on smart city assessment, including smart grid, smart healthcare and smart gas. Mr. Wang holds a Master degree in general management from Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College and Bachelor degree from Peking University and St. John Fisher College.


  • René Hooiveld, KEMA

Mr. René Hooiveld is country manager consulting services for KEMA in China. He manages the KEMA practice in China and is involved in the developments, trends and issues in the chinese market for renewables, clean fossil power, energy efficiency, smart grids and sustainable housing.
Mr. Hooiveld holds a master degree in public administration and public policy, a postgraduate degree in Management Consultancy and a postgraduate degree in Business of Energy Systems.
He has also been involved as a business consultant in large scale risk management projects for utility companies and companies in the energy intensive industry for many years.


  • Ivo Wenzler, Accenture

Before a recent move to the Accenture’s Global Consulting Experts Group Ivo Wenzler was a Senior Executive within Accenture’s Talent and Organization Service Line. For one day a week he also holds a position of Associate Professor at the Delft University of Technology. At Accenture he focuses on development and implementation of performance management, change management, and business simulation approaches aimed at business transformation and business resilience challenges of his clients. At the Delft University of Technology he teaches a master’s course in simulation game design and publishes regularly in the field of change management and simulation and gaming.


  • Neville Mars

In 2003 Neville Mars founded the The Dynamic City Foundation (DCF) 动态城市基金会 ; a research and design institute focused on the rapid transformations of China’s urban landscape. The body of work Neville Mars has achieved with the Dynamic City Foundation in the last ten years is diverse and characteristic. The projects he has initiated range from furniture and architecture to urban planning, and from documentaries, to art installations, urban research and creative writing. His work is widely published and his installations have featured in international art exhibitions around the world. The red thread that runs through his work is a is search for sustainable solutions that can work within a complex commercialized metropolitan environment. The conceptual underpinning of his work is based on the notion of urban growth as essentially evolutionary.

  • Dick Kevelam, DHV Engineering Consultancy (Shanghai) Co

Dick Kevelam holds a MSc. degree in Coastal Engineering (Delft University) and is Leading Professional Coastal Development. After his graduation he worked as a design engineer in the dredging industry on various coastal and maritime projects in the Netherlands and abroad. He is employed by DHV since 1989 in various positions and worked on coastal and maritime projects for private and public clients. He built up a broad experience in port infrastructure, flood protection, coastal development, water management and land reclamation. He has been specialist, team leader and project director in Dutch and international projects and combines his professional expertise with a practical approach. His present professional assignments focus on sustainable coastal and urban development, combining the principles of water management and water safety with attractive urban waterfront developments. He is responsible for DHV’s global delta technology network delivering sustainable solutions in low lying deltas around the world.

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